Sadly, all ad hoc things must come to an end. This blog closes as I collect my belongings and head back to school, yet I hope my stories of pickled mammoths, rainbow cones, and epic movie scenes will continue to be read, revisited, and most of all, tried out by you. And if you’ve never been to Chicago, I hope you’ll visit the city. Where else could hockey players and Walt Whitman share the stage?

Working at World Business Chicago this summer has been an enriching experience. As I uploaded the organization’s archive of press releases to the new website, I had the honor of witnessing WBC’s history unfold in reverse chronological order. From their most recent successes with Chicago Career Tech and MillerCoors, to the string of accolades from magazines like Site Selection and Fast Company, to that pioneer press release about WBC’s inception—all affirmed my belief in and passion for this organization. We’re a fundamentally optimistic bunch, since our job is to promote. It’s that spirit that makes me feel as if I’m leaving not just co-workers, but family.

I wanted to make this short and sweet—like a limerick, or Sour Patch Kids—because I hate goodbyes. Now put down the laptop, or smartphone, or (gently) desktop, and go explore Chicago.

…Right after reading this atrocious limerick:

There was an intern in Chicago
Who knew IL had more than Blago.
She chose WBC,
Blogged on sights that she’d see,
Yeah, it felt just like winning the lotto.


About whitneywbc

I'm a rising senior at Yale University living in downtown Chicago and working at World Business Chicago for the summer.
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One Response to Farewell

  1. Mon says:

    🙂 yay reasons to love chicago!

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